About Us

Welcome to Craft Basics, where we hope to show you the magic of creating something beautiful and useful with your own hands.

Meet Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah. I started crafting when I was little. My grandma Lily was a good teacher, who told me how to stitch and knit. As a grew older, I decided to take classes to study sewing, knitting, and crocheting more systematically. It turned to be a good choice that changed my life. I love turning the colorful spools of thread and swathes of fabric into real pieces. For me it’s not just a hobby but something that I do for a living. 

As crafting is a vast world, to make sure the knowledge we passed on is professional and reliable, I will also invite some of my friends, who have their own areas of expertise, to share their skills and stories on Craft Basics.

A glimpse of our workshop

Meet Christian

Hey, I’m Christian, Sarah’s husband! While Sarah grew up surrounded by crafts, mine was a different story. I used to be all about tech – computers were my world. But everything changed when I got this incredible hand-carved chess set as a gift. Each piece felt so alive, like it had a story to tell.

Funny thing is, around the same time, I ended up needing a change in careers. So, one thing led to another, and here I am – a full-blown woodworker! Pretty amazing, right?